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Our research participants are our heroes! They are pioneers in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. We are so fortunate to have such fabulous research volunteers. Without them we could not form the partnerships necessary to move the fight against Alzheimer’s forward.

You’re Never too Old to Participate in Research

Dr. Stephen Salloway sits down with Mrs. Susi, a 102 year old pioneer in research, to talk about why she decided to participate in the Avid 16 study, which investigates a PET scan tracer to see if it can detect a build-up of tau protein, which is one of the abnormalities found in patient brains with Alzheimer’s disease. She has spent her life volunteering and helping others and now shows us that you are never too old to make a difference.

Alzheimer Heroes & Pioneers: Mrs. Susi

Eloquent Warrior

Mr. Archambault, a real estate agent in Rhode Island who is participating in an MCI trial, is a passionate speaker at seminars and events in his quest to educate others about Alzheimer’s disease. By speaking up, he hopes to dilute the stigma so hope and support can be focused on families who are dealing with the complexities of Alzheimer's.

The Independent
South Kingston Residents Fights the AD Stigma

The Warwick Beacon
Group Backs Measure to Adopt State Alzheimer's Plan

Mr. Rottler
Still Serving

Mr. Rottler, a participant of the ADNI-3 trial, continues to fight for his country. A former Navy fighter pilot, he is now serving in the citizen army against Alzheimer’s and is a gung-ho advocate for AD research.

Peter Wooding

Mr. Wooding is an industrial designer who ran his own design firm for nearly 40 years, with his wife Joanne. He has been involved with the ENGAGE trial through the Memory and Aging Program. He and his wife are hopeful and optimistic and strong supporters of the ongoing research to fight AD.

TIME Magazine - “Please be the drug

Paul Cote artist adds talent to war on alzheimer's
Heartfelt Art

Paul M. Cote has taken his family’s brutal history with Alzheimer’s disease and channeled it into beautiful abstract art that is used to promote awareness and fundraising for Alzheimer’s disease research.

Providence Journal: Artist Adds Talent to "War" on Alzheimer's

Mr. Bristol
The First A4 Alzheimer’s Prevention Study Participant in the World.

Mr. Bristol was the very first person to join the A4 study, an expansive international research study for the prevention of Alzheimer’s with trial sites across the U.S. and in Canada. Mr. Bristol does not have memory impairment but qualified for the study based on his family’s history with the disease.

Associated Press - "Healthy Seniors Tested in Bid to Block Alzheimer's"

WJAR Channel 10 News Health Check - "Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Trial"

Mr. Corkery
Lifelong Advocate

Mr. Corkery, a former principal, legislator and drug and alcohol treatment advocate is now an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease prevention through his participation in Biogen’s Engage trial.

Video: A miracle cure? Horizon: Curing Alzheimer's - BBC Two

WJAR Channel 10 News Health Check - "Doctor Says New Drug Could Slow the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease"

Rhode Island Public Radio, "This I Believe: Rhode Island"

Tracie Kurczy
Fighting Alzheimer’s through Fitness

Tracie Kurczy is a participant in the DIAN study, a clinical trial that follows individuals with autosomal-dominant Alzheimer's disease (ADAD) in their family history. Additionally, together with her husband Brian, they have turned their love of CrossFit into a fundraising force in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Through their annual athletic charitable fundraising event called “Fight Gone Bad,” they are raising awareness and funds to help support Alzheimer’s research in the Memory and Aging Program in hopes of helping future generations.

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