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Prevention and Early Treatment of Alzheimer's

The research advancements made at the Memory & Aging Program towards a future without Alzheimer's disease would not be possible without our courageous study participants and dedicated compassionate donors. Research study participants have the chance to be part of scientific research that may lead to a preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Join the Butler Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry - We have a 25 year history of excellence in clinical care, training, and research. We work hand in hand with passionate research volunteers, patients and their families to find a preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Open & Enrolling Research Studies for Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer's disease research studies at Butler Hospital listed below are active and open to enrollment. Please click the links below to learn more about specific trials.

Prevention Studies

These enrolling studies are for fairly healthy adults who are 60-85 years old with normal mental and thinking abilities. Individuals are not required to have a family history of Alzheimer's disease to participate.


Studies for People with a Family Mutation

The DIAN study is for adults who have a biological parent that carries a rare genetic mutation known to cause an early form of Alzheimer’s.

Studies Developing New Brain Scans for Early Detection

These enrolling studies are evaluating investigational agents/tracers to identify the presence of tau protein deposits, which are often found in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions.

Studies Aimed at Identifying Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Changes in Both Healthy and Impaired Individuals

The following studies are for adults 40 years or older who have cognitive abilities that range from normal to mild Alzheimer's disease.

Closed to Enrollment Alzheimer's Disease Research Studies

The Alzheimer's disease research studies at Butler Hospital listed below are active and ongoing, but are currently closed to enrollment of new patients. Clinical trial study results will be published when the study is complete.

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