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Partial Hospital Program
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Butler Partial Hospital Programs

Women's Partial Program

The Women's DBT Partial Hospital Program provides group education sessions and individual therapy.

Partial Hospital Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Butler Hospital

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT is a form of talk therapy that focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviors; the way you think affects the way that you feel which also affects the way you act.

Struggling with depression, anxiety or substance use?

At Butler Hospital we offer real help tailored for people who need an intensive level of care, but don’t need to be in the hospital overnight. Through our partial hospital programs, you’ll receive individualized treatment through daily meetings with your therapist and specialized care from your doctor.

The skills-based treatment for men and women ranging in age 18 years or older provide a confidential, supportive and structured environment. Monday through Friday, approximately 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., patients attend the program that is best suited to their needs. In the evening and on weekends, patients return home and immediately put into practice in their day-to-day lives the new skills as they are learning them.

Call us today. For admissions information, our CNE Behavioral Health Services Call Center is available 24/7 at 1 (844) 401-0111.

The aftercare group has been canceled for August 27, 2019.

Looking for an MSW/MA Internship Opportunity? Please email your request along with resume to Erin Ursillo at

Please note: To intern in our partial programs, MSW or MA students must be able to commit to a schedule of M-F in the mornings so that they can carry a caseload.

We now offer personalized programming each day

When you’re ready, we’re ready. We now offer program scheduling that is adapted to the needs of the patient group on a daily basis. This allows our clinical team to select therapies that will work best to address the matters of group whether it’s emotional problems, work-related issues, relationship problems, or psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Learn more about our program options and feel confident that our experienced team will help you determine which may work best for you: